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Mornings you’ll most likely find us in and around the barnyard doing farm chores or conducting tours. In the afternoons, we may be out in the field. A self-serve cash box will be set up in the greenhouse with contact info for anyone with questions.

Feel free to call us at (410) 489-2572 if you need any help.

We grow our plants in farm compost, mixed with peat and perlite and organic fertilizers mixed with lime to adjust the pH. While we are happy with this combination, we would like to be even more environmentally conservative by adding local products instead of peat or cutting back on the amount of peat in our mixes. We are experimenting with cocoa bark mulch and buckwheat hulls mixed in our compost and well, we’ll see how it goes. Our goal is to be completely local but it’s a journey of change.

We release insects, predatory beneficial s, to consume the aphids in the greenhouse. When you buy plants from us, you may also have predatory beneficial insects on your plants to help control aphids well into the season.

We fertilize with seaweed mixes and worm compost. Occasionally, we do need to fertilize with soluble fertilizers if there are some deficiencies. Again, that’s a judgment call based on our experience. We also use B.T. products, organics to control any feeding damage from our cabbage moth larvae.

A combination of organic products, organic soils, released beneficial insects, and leaving our greenhouses to freeze in the winter and naturally kill insect pests helps keep us growing in a sustainable local fashion. We value the trust you put in us to grow the best sustainable plants possible. We welcome your questions and we are honored you value our plants for your gardens.

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