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Tour: The Wonderful World of Worms!

General Info

wormsAges 4 & up   April 18 – August 18
This is a great introduction for children to learn how they can make a difference in the environment by learning about composting.
With this program the children will learn about earthworms and their role in composting. Children will see the entire cycle, from “yucky” food scraps or other organic waste, to the final product. Contrary to the “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy, children will see organic wastes as potential resources rather than just as something “gross” to be thrown away and forgotten. Some of the points covered are:
What are the body parts of an earthworm?
worms classWhat do earthworms eat?
What is compost?
How do you make a compost pile?
How do earthworms improve our soil?
They will see actual working worm composting bins!
This is a learning experience that includes DIRT, SLIMY WORMS, & BANANA PEELS! A hayride that goes across the Cattail Creek and learning about and feeding the farm animals. All children will take home a plant they pot using the special worm compost! (Hand washing stations are available)
We are excited to introduce information and habits that emphasize composting and reducing the waste we produce to the next generation of decision makers.

Costs and Details


  • Hand washing stations with soap and water
  • Portable toilet facilities
  • Picnic site by the pond


OPTIONAL: If you have extra time after your scheduled program, take a self guided tour along our beautiful nature trail for no additional charge!!


* Teachers can choose to have free admission OR to pay and receive a gift basket full of a variety of plants grown in our greenhouses!

How do we figure who is a teacher? We calculate 1 teacher for every 15 students for K and above or 1 teacher for every 10 children for those younger than the Kindergarten level.

Thanks for your help. It makes for a great day on the farm.

TOUR TIME: 1.5 hours COST: $7.50/child, parent,& teacher*
GROUP MINIMUM: 20 (Don’t have the group minimum? See our calendar of Open House Events)

Please bring!! A few days before you come for this tour have each student begin to collect food scraps and place in a quart-sized zip lock bag. (Teacher may want to distribute zip lock bags to their students). As a class you could also begin to save lunch scraps from the children’s lunches.
What do the worms like? Coffee grounds, tea bags, eggshells, banana peels, apple peels, potato peels, carrot scrapings, any vegetable peels and seeds, vegetable stalks, old vegetables or fruit, biscuits, cereal, cheese, pizza crust and bread crusts.
Avoid citrus fruits, cakes or candy, meat or bones, and oils. Bring all that you collect to our farm the day of your tour so the children can see their “trash” feed the worms and transformed to useful soil matter.


Super Size Your Field Trip

For an additional $3.00 per person you can add on the educational portion of a second educational program that will be added to your first selected program. Adding the Birdhouse Gourd program would be an additional $5.00/person due to the cost of materials.

Game Time add-on option

Add on games to your program for $1.50 per person. That’s some buddy boards, sack races and team building experiences.

Scavenger Hunt add-on option

Sharpen your observation skills by searching the barnyard area for many agricultural items. Amazing what we miss when it is under our feet. Awesome what we do observe together. Just an additional $1.00 per person. Everyone in the group should join in.

Healthy Eats add-on option

For an additional $2.50 per person everyone will get to take home a bag of fresh vegetables picked fresh the morning of your tour from our high tunnel or garden. (In spring there is usually a variety of wonderful lettuces or spinach available.) The children will learn about the vegetable, the nutritional benefit it provides, and a suggestion of how to use it in their family dinner!



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  • Supersize options: For an additional charge of $3.00/person.
  • Healthy Eats option: $2.50/person Everyone takes home a bag of fresh vegetables, picked the morning of your tour, from our high tunnel or garden. (In the spring wonderful lettuces & spinach are available!) The children will also learn about the vegetable, the nutritional benefits it provides, and suggestions of how to use it in their family dinner!
  • Games: $1.50/person Enjoy 45 minutes of fun farm games!
  • Scavenger Hunt: $1.50/person.
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